Friday, August 31, 2007

Career Opportunities in Electronics Instrumentation and Communications


Written by : Parag Goel

Disclaimer: This is the best to my info. This may not be all.

Here is a wide spectrum of career opportunity that is available with the students of Electronics & Instrumentation as well as Electronics & Communication.

A person with a will & insight of his internal skills, with a belief in his inner self is not bound by the subjects and the topics in today’s scenario.

After meeting the junior fellow TITIAN’s (Organized at YMCA by TITOBA with due efforts from Mr. Rajesh Dudeja) I was a bit surprised to know that still the final year candidates seems to be “CONFUSED” ………

For all you out there interested in a bright future I would like to share a few thoughts from my personal as well as my fellow’s experiences.

By looking at the above spectrum you might not feel that “WORLD IS NOT SO SMALL”, you have options to choose from. The only thing required is the right direction and hard work, then of course I say LUCK………

Another fight that goes during the end of the curriculum:

It all “MATTER OF INTERSET”, everything done with interest and with time benefits.

If time permits then doing a Post-graduate course is a good option, but in case you can’t afford a long wait time then go for a short term course (done from a good institute as per your interest), of course it requires a bit more of initial investment.

Last but not the least thing of importance is “COMMUNICATION SKILLS”. After all things you choose and things you know needs to be told, as keeping it to yourself doesn’t help you in anyways.

Now its all upto you come forward

  1. Have an insight.
  2. Find the right person to consult.(specific to the insight above)
  3. Go get it……..

Thanks to Parag Goel

Parag Goel with his friends

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bunty said...

Hi arun
Yah no doubt you are doing a great job.
Thanks to parag also for sending such a effective artilce.

Arun said...

Thanks Lalit for appreciation.
also thanks to Parag(good job)

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for guiding me.

m.g.sai chander said...

can u explain much briefly about instrumentation

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