Sunday, August 26, 2007

Purpose of Electicaa

Hi Friends, This Idea actually came after the "Informal Electronics Session" in June 2007. Thanks to Rajesh Dudeja Sir .
In Electicaa everybody is welcome , It is not all about Titians, not about Indians: It is all about the "same emotions" we all have.

Please Kindly attention: The main purpose of this blog will be :
  1. To make everyone smile , remebering old moments, funny jokes or pictures or any thing you have to share with us.
  2. To help Each Others ( mainly juniors as they ask various questions like how to prepare for a particular field, where to go for training , etc.... etc) and good communcation b/w each others.
  3. Providing news or alerts on the latest happening in IT Field.

Hey Friends:please also note that u will have to :

  1. Adjust in English ( My english is not upto the mark, u will find many grammitical errors) Please send only useful or funny material, do not waste the time of others as well as yours.
  2. Please always support this initiative.
  3. I decided that i will not put any contact no or e-mail address of anybody. If anybody need just contact or to me directly.Any Suggestions and Feedbacks are welcome.

Please Forward this mail who are not in touch wiith us.Hope so I will not take yours so much time in future.

"HappY Journey to Life. "



bunty said...

Hi Arun
It's not the matter of communication skills it's matter of putting effort for the welfare of new generation engineers.
so keep doing the hard work.
Wish u all the best.

rohit said...

Well can any one tell me abt the package offered in Tits bihawni

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