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Career in Computer Networking CCNA - Interview with Anurag Vats (TIT&S Batch 2003)

Dear friends, to move one step further I recently interview through mail with my friend/cum senior Anurag Vats (EI - 2003). Below are the details, it will help many students who want to make their career in Computer telecom networking. In the coming time I hope you will find more interesting stuff. Cheers ! and Thanks to Anurag.

Question 1. Anurag tell me a bit about yourself, your educational background(before Tit&S) & work experience (after Tit&S)?

Answer : Did my +2 from Delhi with 80 % , then entered the field of technology by joining Electronics & Instrumentation in TIT&S which I completed with 70% , I joined network solution provider company where my job was to take care of cisco based network of the company , there I served for 2 1/2 years, then switched to Orange which is another france based network solution provider company, I have a role of level 3 support for the clients, in total I have 4 ½ years of expereince .

Question 2: Why you choose this field and how you enter in this field ?

Answer : , It was difficult to choose career after that as I had no interest in software field . I did my 8th sem training from HFCL which is a VSAT provider I got to know about the networking field , did my CCNA which fed me with basics of this line & joined a network solution provider company .

Question 3. Pros and Cons in the field you are working?

Answer : its an interesting ,challenging & dynamic field where u have to keep urself updted with latest technologies, some people are uncomfortable in this field as in network operations there are no limit to working hrs & time of day..

Question 4. Please share your most rememberable moments in Tit & s ?

Answer : Exams days were best , one night fight & u r an engineer.

Question 5 What mistake you have made in life and you would not like to repeat ?

Answer : No such big mistakes, jus that one should start working on their goals right from the beginning of their college life not after passing out .

Question 6: Any specfic Institutes which provide this type of couse you recomend

Answer : I did CCNA from INT before entering this line, there are many more which provide these courses .

Question 7 What are the future prospectus in this field and tips you would like to give?

Answer : Networks is a wide field with many options , one can choose security , WAN ,LAN ,VOICE . All these options have many job oppurtunity also they are challenging & dynamic to work on, its jus that you have to plan according to your line of interest & work on it , its better to enter these lines after completing the entry level certifications.

Question 8. Finally, what would you like to share with people who are interested in coming field like your?

Answer : I would encourage everybody to choose these upcoming fields as they are lot of job oppurtunity & once u get a exposure to this line companies pay u decent salaries.

Question 9. Your achievements , lovely message for all of us and How Can anyone contact you?

Answer : I would like to congratulate you as u have developed a excellent portal which helps in interaction between all the TITIANS .

I would like say all the best to all those who are just about to complete their degree & preparing to enter the work life , would suggest to work smart rather than hard in their job to get better learning & delivery of their job responsibilities.

I am always avaialble if anybody wish to speak to me regarding my line,

My contact number is +919971055113

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