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VLSI Career Guide- Jobs in Vlsi-Cmos Chip Designing

Friends, I prepare a article with the help of my vlsi friends hope it will helps many in some way:

  1. Who should prepare for this VLSI course and who should not?

Answer: Those who are deeply interested in core electronics and like the subjects of Electronics Circuits, Digital electronics, C programming, Networks (named few). But if you think that interest does not matter and you can do very hard work then it is your choice.

  1. Is this field for me, because I have not interested in chip desiging , Cmos vlsi circuits or semiconductors, all these stuff??

Answer: No, you have several other options like networking, software , embedded etc. (search on internet and see article Career in Electronics and wait for more articles )

  1. Present status of career in VLSI and news:

Answer: Huge demands of VLSI Engineers. Check these articles on VLSI Design as a Career-

Vlsi Chip Designing as a career:

Dream job in VLSI

  1. What about Placement after doing VLSI Course?

  1. Learning material related to VLSI? (Avery very useful site) (good site for projects and white papers)

  1. Recommended Books for VLSI Preparation?

: First and foremost requirement for VLSI is digital electronics.

Book for Digital Electronics: Stephen Brown , Tocci

One more point here I want to add that is FSM ( finite state Machine) is really very much required for VLSI.

  1. You must a good knowledge about the resistive and capacitive nework i.e electrical networks.

Book for Electrical Network is:Circuit Theory By Chakarwarty.

  1. CMOS design: Neil & Weste , Janam Rabey
  2. Analog Electronics: Boylsted , Milmann Halkias.
  1. Has anyone done VLSI course from our college?

Answer: List of persons who have done this VLSI course from our college and are well placed in good companies.

  1. Vinayak Ranjan (2003 Batch from Sandeepani-School of VLSI Design
  2. Nitin Gaur(2004 Batch from Sandeepani-School of VLSI Design
  3. Bakashi(2004 Batch from Sandeepani Banglore )
  4. Vikas(2004 Batch from Vedant Mohali)
  5. Aman bhatnagar(2004 Batch from Vedant Mohali)
  6. Parag goel(2005 Batch from Sandeepani Banglore)
  7. Lalit gupta(2005 Batch from Sandeepani Banglore)
  8. Peer mohammed(2005 Batch from Sandeepani Banglore)

Remember Be Prepare yourself for this course as many institutes conduct a written and interview.

From where I should do this Course?

For Short term Programs:Best 5 institutes in VLSI Training in India:

  1. CDAC Advanced Computing Training School offers a diploma in VLSI (pune and Calicut preferably)
  2. TTM Institute of Information Technology- TTM Institute of Information Technology (TIIT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time To Market Inc, U.S.A. Since 1999, TIIT has trained more than 700 VLSI professionals. University of California Extension, Santa Cruz (UCSC Extension), U.S.A., has partnered with TTM and Cadence Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd, the Indian arm of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDNS) to offer a certificate program in VLSI design engineering in New Delhi, India for the first time after the success of the branches in Hyderabad and Bangalore. (Read this news 13-september-2007 and )
  3. RV-VLSI Design Center - Synopsys and RV-VLSI Design Center Collaborate to Develop Advanced IC Design Training Programs (India) (Read this newsthis 25-July-2007 or )
  4. Sandeepani-School of VLSI Design a division of CG-Coreel Programmable Solutions offers PG-Diploma in VLSI Design, Corporate training, Workshop and Seminars and onsite customised trainings Trouble with batches??
  5. Sun Microsystems Inc., Cadence and VEDA IIT, a premier institute in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Engineering in India, have announced a joint initiative to build the nation’s first nodal Center of Competency for Research and Development in VLSI Engineering, Design Automation and Embedded System Engineering. The VEDA IIT CoC together with its supporting partners aim to arm students with up-to-date academic skills and provide hands on experience in all VLSI design and engineering functions, including test to scale top level VLSI engineering challenges. Read More


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