Tuesday, October 16, 2007

VLSI design course discussion with our seniors

Dear Friends,

I was discussing a VLSI article and realted its future advantages. So I would humbly request to all of you to please read this discussion which will definitely help you a lots.

From Vinayak Prasad 2003 Batch (Electronics and Instrumentation) writes:

hi All,the doc seems fine.... but seriously i would suggest that you should not just write about short term courses like wht we attended. the time has changed a lot... as u all might have seen its becoming increasingly difficult to be placed after these courses and things r going to be worse later.... if u really want to help freshers encourage them to go for M.Tech and M.S programmes. they are more frutiful also give better placement opportunities. i think nitin(EI 2004) will agree with me also lalit, parag and peer(All of three from 2005 batch).... coz they have seen the changes rapidly happening from my time till there time. also if u are putting this article in our collage.. then u should make students understand the importance of subjects related to electronics. i think if u all agree with me then we can also go to our collage and tell the students and teachers about the situation or rather needs of indusrty. i am not clear to whom u r going to give this doc but please to try to project picture that they have job gurantee after doing these courses, coz most of the institutes r not gud and students suffer a lot. i am coming to delhi on 31 oct may be if u all want we can meet sometime and discuss b4 giving this doc to anyone coz believe me doing these course are not helpful these days.


Nitin Gaur (EI 2004) writes -

i fully agrree with vinayak . these short term courses may have provided to placements to a few of us who have persued the course but surely going for mtech and MS are better options. after doing that further studies options like PHD and going into hardcore research etc are also open which is not the case with these short term courses. after these short term courses things can go fine but at the same time they can go worse ...

Nitin Gaur.

So I request you to please wait for a well presented article...

If you have any queries please write to electicaa@gmail.com

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