Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ayurvedic medicine for swine flu H1N1 - How to prevent from swine flu

Ayurvedic medicine for swine flu H1NI - How to prevent yourself from swine flu H1n1

Process to make the ayurvedic medicine to cure from swine flue:-

1) 4 ltr.water

2) 5 to 8 leaves of tulsi.

3) 30 no.s bell patra( which we offered to bhagwan shiv in the month of shravan)

4) one spoon black pepper( kali mirch)

put the content no.2, 3 & 4 in the water and boiled it for ½ hours.take this liquide in a cup for two times in a day.

this medicine is efficient to cure those who infected by h1-n1 and also for those people who are in the panic of swine flue.

this medicine is recommend by “patanjali yog vigyan sanstha” running by shri.ramdeobaba.


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Ayurveda has a remedy for almost every disease the only glitch is to interpret this ancient scripture for use in modern day medicine.

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